Hear what some of our party rental customers had to say...

"A great time was had by all, thanks to your great music selections, which of course make the party." (Noel K. Coad, Rockaway River Country Club, Denville, NJ)

"The jukebox was fabulous...the delivery men were courteous and punctual. We hated to see it go!" (Jill Kneer, Rockaway, NJ)

"Party Jukes® - no more DJ's for us! This was the life of the party!" (Pat & Debbie, Morristown, NJ)

"The great thing about the jukebox was the selection and just how easy it was to use. It was hard to believe that all those songs were in the one machine, but they were! The kids LOVED the bubbles and I've recommended you to everybody! Thank you!" (Richard Green, Morris Plains, NJ)

An early shot of our "JUKEMOBILE" (TM)!

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